We understand that each event may seem similar but UVDC is always advancing therefore we urge you to ensure that you have familiarized yourself with everything listed below to enhance your event experience with us!

At UVDC we support teachers and schools with the upmost respect and understanding that dance and performance is an art form, therefore all entries submitted are at the discretion of the studio director or teacher and should be considered. Choreography is created in many different ways dependant on background, training and style of the teacher or choreographers. We are extremely lucky to work with highly accredited judges who score all routines based on multiple factors and take into account creativity and performance as a whole. All judges decisions are final.

By submitting a registration form to any Ultimate Dance Event, you are agreeing to everything contained in this document.  Upon registering you hereby grant permission to Ultimate Dance Events to publish all photographs and film on, Social media, Web, television, promotional videos, or any other publication to promote its events.

Ultimate Dance Events reserves the right to add or remove competition days to move the competition location or cancel all or part of the event.  By registering to compete at any event you agree to be available to attend the event between 7am and 11pm on any event day.




All entry fees must be paid online via bank transfer (BACS) by the given deadline on your invoice. Only UVDC entry forms are accepted and must be completed in full NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT, any incomplete entry forms will be returned. All entries will be confirmed received via email and added to the timetable ONLY when full payment has been made, Entries are only secure when a payment has been made in full. When you receive an invoice the date due must be adhered to. If payments are not received by UVDC on the date of your invoice your entries will be withdrawn and your space will be passed to the next school on  the waiting list. NOTE* UVDC will not chase for payments under any circumstances it is the responsibility of the studio owner to insure they are aware of the payment due date, due to the nature of the events payment due dates cannot be altered under any circumstances. For all events a deposit is advised to secure a provisional space at any UVDC event. The final balance is still due on the deadline date given on your invoice regardless of a deposit being paid.

Refund Policy – UVDC has a strict refund policy. Any refunds requested after fees have been paid to UVDC are at the discretion of UVDC.

Withdrawals more that 30 days prior to the event, will be refunded in full. Withdrawals received after 30 days prior to the event will receive a 50% refund. Withdrawals received less than 1 week prior to event will not be refunded. All withdrawal requests must be received via email only and it is the responsibility of the studio to do so accordingly. UVDC takes no responsibility for non-receipt of withdrawal. Exceptional circumstances – INJURY OR ILLNESS WITH A VALID MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, GOVERNMENT LOCKDOWN OR WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. Refunds may take up to 14 days to be credited to your schools account.







All entries are accepted on a first come first served basis.

It is against UVDC rules for any competitors to perform any original or protected choreography that they do not own the rights too. UVDC believes a dancer is best served by attending consistent classes with a reputable dance studio. We do acknowledge that in certain circumstances a dancer is "independent." UVDC defines independent dancers as dancers not associated with a physical dance studio and taking consistent classes as part of a structured program. We understand this rule is subjective, therefore any questions will be resolved at the discretion of UVDC.

Ultimate Victory Dance Championships offers the opportunity to compete in SOLOS, DUETS, TRIOS AND GROUPS (Groups are not divided by size and must include 4 or more performers)

Ultimate Victory The Groups, offers the opportunity for schools to compete GROUPS in







6 Years and Under – PETITE

7-9 Years – JUNIOR

10-13 Years – INTERMEDIATE

14-16 Years – TEEN

17+ Years – SENIOR

All ages are based on the date of the competition.


8 Years and Under – PETITE

9-12 Years – JUNIORS

13-16 Years – TEEN

17+ Years – SENIOR

Dancers ages for GROUPS/DUETS/TRIOS AND GROUP ONLY events are averaged and based on the age of the child on the date of each competition.

UVDC accepts a maximum of 4 solo entries per dancer per school, duet/trio and group entries are not limited but subject to availability at each event.

For group only competitions schools must enter a minimum of 3 group entries there is no maximum limit.

Any dancers entered into a section where they are the sole competitor will automatically be added to the open category for that age group enabling them to have fair competition. If they remain the sole competitor they will place first by default. (At UVDC we always endeavour to ensure dancers have someone to compete against)



TIME LIMITS – Extra time cannot be purchased or accepted.

UVDC Solo Entry – 2 mins

Duet/Trio Entries – 2mins 30 secs

Groups – 4 Mins

UV The Groups – STANDARD AND LARGE Entries - 5 Mins PRODUCTION Entries – 6 Mins

Ultimate Victory Dance Championships

Dance Categories

Ballet/Pointe, Modern/Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial/Street/HipHop, Tap, Song and Time/MT/Vocal, Acrobatics, Open (any genre not fitting above)

Ultimate Victory The Groups

Dance Categories

Classical – Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Character, National, Pointework

Show – Jazz, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre with or without Vocals

Commercial – Street, Hip Hop, Breaking, Commercial Jazz, K Pop.

Creative – Any routines with mixed genres or Acrobatics or those that do not fit into the above categories.




UVDC are proud to welcome dancers of all abilities to our events, this includes those who are new to competing or have special educational needs.

Novice is only open to solo entrants who will compete against each other within their age group in one open category covering all genres. Novice dancers can only enter a maximum of 2 solo entries. If a dancer has competed at a UVDC event in the past they must not be entered as a novice.

The organisers have the right to move dancers into non novice if they have competed before.

What is a Novice Dancer? At UVDC dancers should be in their first year as a competitive dancer. You cannot cross sections i.e Non Novice Lyrical/Novice Jazz. Novice dancers must be novice only.

We do not offer NOVICE in DUETS/TRIOS OR GROUPS at any event.


All music should be submitted via the link sent via email to our UVDC technician – All info will be sent once entries are submitted and paid for. Any music that exceeds time limits above will be rejected. You cannot pay for overtime or extensions. Please always bring a spare backup.

All stage lighting and effects are operated by the hosting facility and not by UVDC we do not have control over lighting effects used.


All prizes are awarded in order of the schedule. All entrants are scored out of a maximum total of 300 points.  All sections are awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places where applicable followed by special awards. We do not produce individual score sheets, all placements and scores are sent to schools after the event via email.  Title entries: To enter a dancer to be considered for The Ultimate Victory Title Award, Please complete the Title section on the solo entry form.  The Title award can also be entered on the day of the event prior to the child performing. The entry fee covers all dancers solo entries. Titles are awarded in each as follows ; 6 Years and under, 7-9 Years, 10-13 Years and 14 and Over.


    Teachers and Chaperones

Teacher passes are provided by UVDC in the form of a wrist band.  Each school receives two, free of charge teacher passes.  Independent entrants do not receive any free spectator passes.  All schools are able to provide their own registered chaperones, these must be chaperones who are registered with their own local authority.  When attending a UVDC event, they must wear their chaperone licence or have available their valid/in date ID for the entirety of the event.  All schools bringing their own chaperones must submit their licence number and local authority via the UVDC access form prior to the event day.  Chaperones must check in at the registration desk to gain access.  Parent helpers are permitted to access the changing areas to assist their own child but must not enter the stage or wings.  ALL additional teachers, chaperones and parent helpers must purchase a spectator ticket in order to gain access to the venue.



Ultimate Dance Events is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all.  Anyone not performing is considered a spectator and it is expected that they conduct themselves in a professional, responsible and respectful manor at all times.  They are expected to abide by all Ultimate Dance Events and venue rules and fire and safety practises at all times.  Behaviour that is deemed harmful to others including, verbal or physical harassment including abusive language, gestures or threats directed at others and disruptive to our communal sense of belonging will NOT be tolerated.  Anyone found to be in violation maybe be removed from the premises and prohibited from returning in the future.

 Spectator tickets can be purchased in advance via EVENTBRITE. In order to collect your tickets you must provide your barcode the confirmation email of your ticket purchase.  Spectator tickets are available on the day of the event also, cash or card accepted. Please note online ticket sales close 48 hours prior to the event.  All tickets are NON refundable.  Any person Spectating require a ticket to access the auditorium.  Anyone attending ANY Ultimate Dance Event should respect ALL performers on stage this includes those who are their to watch them.  Spectators are expected to remain in their seats during the performance and should only enter and exit when the performer has finished.  Photography and video recording should be done respectfully and ONLY of your own studio or child. If we are made aware of failure to comply, we reserve the right to prohibit photography and video recording.




All performers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, responsible and respectful manner at all times.  Dressing rooms should be kept neat and tidy and no one is permitted to touch, move or vandalise anyone else’s property.  Performers must not engage in intimidating or threatening behaviour or make disrespectful or derogatory comments to any other performers teacher or staff member. 

Changing areas – Each school is given an area in which to change, this could be occupied by one school or multiple schools.  We do NOT allocate boy/girl changing areas, Ultimate Dance Events prides itself on understanding non binary people.


Dangerous  props are NOT permitted – Fire, swords, knives, liquids, flammable gases or live animals.

General props are permitted but must be placed and removed withing the given time limit.

Explicit music is NOT permitted

Ultimate Dance Events are Not responsible for loss or damage to props.

 Dancers must remain in or nearby the venue on all event days and ensure they are ready for their performance slot.  Due to the nature of live events Ultimate Dance Events reserve the right to run up to an hour ahead or behind.. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have checked in with our backstage manager at least 4 numbers before your own.  Ultimate Dance Events trading as MAKE YOUR MOVE and all hosting facilities are not responsible for any Injury, or property loss or damage that occurs to any person including but not limited to participants, teachers, chaperones or audience members.  Venues are limited to changing space, therefore dancers not wishing to share changing areas should arrive ready to dance.

It is the  responsibility of the studio director/dance school to hold insurance for their own students and staff.







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